Craft Beer Branding And Bottle Packaging Design Case Study

OH! Design Studio created the craft beer branding and bottle packaging design for a leading wine and liquor retail store chain in Mumbai, India.

CLAP is the custom-made in-house craft beer of Maisonz, Mumbai’s swanky experiential liquor store by Living Liquidz. Branding company OH! Design Studio gave CLAP its brand identity and created the beer growler bottle label designs.

Beer bottle Branding
CLAP Beer Branding And Label Designs by OH! Design Studio

CLAP Beer Branding And Logo Design

beer bottle branding & packaging india ohdesignstudio
Beer Bottle Branding And Logo Design

This beer logo design illustrates that sometimes simplicity is the best policy. CLAP is a simple minimalistic typographic logo, lending great visibility and the desired personality to this beer brand. The clever use of foiling within the typography, as well as the subtle use of UV spots around it on the beer label adds a nice touch on the bottle.

About The Beer Packaging And Bottle Label Design

beer logo design
Beer Logo Design

Take a closer look at the beer label design and you’ll notice that the central design element is inspired by the trunk line of the long draw draft beer system.

beer bottle label design by OH! Design Studio India
Beer Label Designs

As you’ll see, our team developed a distinct look for each variety. At the top end of the trunk line are playful illustrations of the flavors, bringing to life the craft beer flowing from keg to tap! Really, this beer packaging design captures each flavor’s spirit in its label.

The addition of the details like the subtle design of cityscape at the bottom adds a layer of modern vibe to these designs.

Beer Packaging Design
Beer Growler Bottle Packaging Design

The labels feel great in the hand with the effect of metallic color tones of the base along with the premium foiling. Overall, the composition, textures and tone of voice of these craft beer labels give a rather premium, up-scale feel.

While it’s the quality of the beer that will get people to keep coming back, playing with creative design can entice customers to pick up the drink. And CLAP being packaged in growlers, which are portable beer containers, the bottle branding adds extra marketing power.  As the customers happily take the bottles home with them, these growlers serve as miniature billboard for the client, thus boosting brand recall.

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