How Cosmetic Brands Can Make Their Way To Consumer’s Skincare Routine

This post includes a cosmetic branding and packaging design case study by OH! Design Studio for a London-based skincare & wellness brand.

Skincare customers are picky consumers. Then, what does it take for a new skincare brand to gain a potential customer’s attention while he or she is making a purchase decision?

When it comes to cosmetics and skincare, we as consumers get unlimited options, don’t we?

If I say tell me three cosmetic brand names right off your mind, chances are high that you would list out some well known brand names.

But here’s the thing, it does not mean we’re biased or more inclined towards bigger brands. It’s just that established brands have spent millions of dollars of marketing for getting higher brand recalls and got their names etched in our memory. That cannot be undone, so then how does a smaller or unknown brand make its way to the consumer’s skincare routine?

Well, one of the ways is by connecting the brand’s belief and values with the consumers personal values. There is a strong link between a brand story and a consumer’s personal connection to a brand, especially in this segment.

And what better place to start than with the product packaging?  Savvy customers choose skincare products that align with their personal values. If your packaging grabs their attention and speaks to what they’re looking for, they’re likely to take your product home and give it a try.

In fact, product packaging as a brand touch point delivers more than just the value proposition or the brand story. Post purchase, the buyer continues her interaction with the packaging – be it for storing, opening, holding, closing– creating a brand impression through multi-sensory cues. This interaction with the product through its packaging has the power to deliver brand experiences.

When Skincare Packaging Communicates The Brand Value Proposition…

Skincare packaging offers a chance to relay the value of the product. In fact, brands use packaging as a way to communicate their unique value proposition to their customers.

Is your skincare product made up of safe ingredients ? White, the color of sterility, would be a great color to incorporate in your packaging design

Are you selling a funky cosmetic brand? An enthusiastic use of bright and exciting colors would be a great way to let the packaging design pop.

If your audience values organic skincare product, then earthy tones could give the desired tone to your packaging.

For instance, the London-based family owned brand produces skincare and wellness products out of pure natural ingredients.

cosmetic branding packaging design for London based skincare brand

With that in mind, packaging design company OH! Design Studio used earthy tones in the brand identity to represent the source of the natural ingredients i.e the Mother Earth. The brand color conveys the richness and fertility of Mother Nature, which relays the founder’s belief that all our beauty needs can be met from the Earth’s natural resources.

The subtle abstract line pattern on the packaging label represent the contours of Mother Earth, and doubles up as the facial lines.

cosmetic branding elements

But the highlight of the packaging is the typographic mnemonic ‘ME’ in the brand identity which gives the packaging its character and personality. The mnemonic is not just adding a touch of elegance because of its custom cursive font, but ‘ME’ is symbolic too. It represents the transfer of goodness of Mother Earth (ME) reaching ‘me’, as the end user.

cosmetic branding

cosmetic packaging design

Packaging should be treated with as much importance as the product inside. Cosmetic companies use packaging as a way to communicate their unique value proposition to their customers. In fact, to take this a step further, brand stories help to create meaningful connections with consumers. The best place to tell these stories is on your packaging, using language and visuals that are true to your brand. In this way, you can stand out from the competitors and resonate with your audience.

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