Creative Friendship Day Social Media Posts For Brand Communication

#OhMade creative Friendship Day social media posts

When the whole world is celebrating friendship day, exchanging greetings and gifts, brands also ride the spirit of friendship on social media. They tie symbols of friendship with brand communication to tap the audience sentiments of warmth, care, and love on that day. International Friendship Day (IFD) help brands send out special wishes to their audience in different ways. Here are some of the creative friendship day posts by social media agency OH! Design Studio.

‘Chuddy Buddy’ Friends


Acknowledging that chuddy buddy will always be your greatest friend you can ever have, men’s fashion brand Merchant Marine set playful Friendship Day message on social media drawing parallels of close friends with the brand’s super comfy boxer collection and how they understand you inside out and accept you for who you are. Chuddy Buddy Friend eh! 

Celebrating the #AnokhaYaar


International Friendship Day creative engagement on social media

Playing with the brand’s tagline ‘Anokha Swaad’, KP invited their followers to talk about the special qualities about their #AnokhaYaar . The giveaways gave a nudge to followers to share what makes their friend unique

Thoughtful Referals


Referal post for friendship Day on social media by Oh! Design Studio

For e-commerce and D2C brands, Friendship Day is a perfect opportunity to promote referals. Instead of throwing flash sale or discount offers, this day is a chance for brands on social media to promote the exchange of thoughtful gifts and brand recommendations between friends. That’s what this D2C brand did on Friendship Day by promoting emotional engagement to promote brand recommendations between friends. Why not give your friends some love back? This referal program gave an opportunity to their customers to express how much their friends mean to them and how important it is for them to stay healthy.

Occasion-based marketing, like that on IFD, helps brands leverage social media to create a greater connect and better reach. Be it special incentives to meet some sales-related objectives, or to send wishes to the followers in a special way, Occasion-based marketing has its benefits and has become an essential tenet of social media content marketing.

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