How An Indian Dairy Brand Used Social Media To Boost Brand Awareness


GAIA Dairy

Agency For Social Media Marketing:

OH! Design Studio


The brief was to make target audience aware of this new dairy brand with limited ad spends and to increase organic numbers on the chosen social media platforms. In other words, the objective was to build brand awareness through social media.


GAIA was newly launched with distribution in and around Raipur district in the Indian state of Chhattisgarh.

The challenge  for our social media team was to grab the attention of the target audience and become a familiar face within the followers’ feeds versus someone they just scroll past. But with more and more people taking to social media to sound off on brands, getting the target audience’s attention was easier said than done.

Creative idea for raising brand awareness though social media

Any experienced social media marketing agency would agree that there’s always room for lightness, wit and depth even for boring products. Milk is no exception. It was not just about the product, it was about the benefit which we tried to present through content with a fun quotient and picking up moments from our daily lives.

The brand believes that a healthy mind lives in a healthy body. That’s what laid the foundation for the social media branding and the content strategy.

The creative approach was to build a connect with the audience by talking about health and dairy products in an interesting way and without being “salesy”.

In fact, being overly promotional is one of the biggest social media marketing mistakes which brands often make. Read more find out how we designed content to keep this brand’s feed fresh and interesting.

Examples: Using Social Media For Brand Awareness

  • Brand Motto: The brand believes that a healthy mind lives in a healthy body. We’re not guilty about keeping that motto consistent on social media for this brand.


Are you ready to Roll this weekend?  #HappyWeekend #PaneerRoll #GaiaGoodness


Where there is a Salad, there’s Gaia Dairy Paneer! #SaladLove #HealthyFood #MondayMotivation


Let the tropics in! This creamy treat is just right for breakfast, snack, or anything in between. #MilkSmoothie #Breakfast


  • Engaging product promotion:
“Gaia Dairy products to your hunger rescue” – Alexa #Alexa #BreakfastIdeas


  • Topical content: Winter was just around the corner and it was hard to not take the #TopicalSpot on most popular TV show Game of Thrones. Here’s our creative #ForTheThrone.
Embrace the Winter with Gaia Dairy?? #HealthTip: Have half a spoon of Gaia Dairy ghee before your tea or coffee in the morning. #GheeBenefits #HealthyEating


  • We also engaged with the brand followers by piggybacking on other topical content like the Bollywood memes of Gully boy and Sui Dhaga.
My mom is happy and yours? #GaiaDairy


Tag your friend who is on a strict diet! #GullyBoy #WeekendMemes
  • As tea is such an integral part of the rhythm of life in India, it was fun to engage the brand followers around this topic. After all doodh waali chai is more than just a cup of tea to start the day!

The soul warmer ? #TeaLovers #SaurdayMotivation


  • Bollywood seeps into our everyday lives it’s even a part of our basic conversations. And for some, it’s a major part of their sense of humor! We were building the brand personality of GAIA as ‘chuckle-some’ and keeping Bollywood humor out of the content was impossible.


  • Speaking of chuckle-some, checkout these post for International Men’s Day and Children’s Day.
All Men Are Created Equal! #InternationalMensDay

“Who’s gonna finish the glass of milk first?” is the best childhood memory we had while growing up with a sibling. Comment your favorite childhood moment below! #HappyChildrensDay

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  • The best time to post on social media is when you audience is most active. That’s how we used creativity to align with the mood of the followers.
Sunday Mood: Netflix & Chill . Have a Healthy Binge Time with Gaia Dairy! #WeekendMode #Netflix #HealthyEating
Is it coffee o’clock for sleepy owls already? ? #CoffeeBreak #Coffee #CoffeeLover
  • Micro-influencer: During our social media research, we figured out that Raipur is one of the celebrated food cities of India. It was important to forge connection with foodies in Raipur and one of the best way to do so was though social influencers. Starting small and gaining momentum is a great way to execute the first stage of an influencer strategy, especially if limited budget is available. And that’s what we did.

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