Integrated Digital Marketing for Real Estate : Case Study

Real estate online marketing case study by OH! Digital – the digital marketing cell of OH! Design Studio.

Our work with Spacio Realtors LLP included creating digital presence and promoting the business online using a strategic mix of SEO, Social Media, Email Marketing and Content Marketing.

 The Objectives:

Spacio Realtors wanted to leverage online marketing for lead generation and increased online visibility. The branding objective was to be perceived as Mumbai’s real estate experts providing all real estate related solutions under one roof.

The Solution:

  • Our first task was to understand the target market and property portfolio of Spacio Realtors. Mumbai real estate market is cluttered and it was important to start with understanding the value proposition of Spacio so that keywords were selected to drive relevant traffic to the website.
  • With that being sorted, complete website was redesigned and optimized for search engine. New features were added to allow online search of property listings on client’s website, share area/ location analysis to aid in decision making to purchase or rent a property, newsletter archive and email sign-up were some key addition we made among others. In fact, many features were not on client’s wishlist but got highlighted while we were working on content strategy.
  • Content marketing strategy was created followed by content editorial that preempted key discussion points among target demographics.
  • Social persona was created keeping in mind the branding objective of presenting Spacio as Mumbai’s one-stop destination for property related advisory built on knowledge and experience. Primary social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ were strategically developed keeping in mind different target audience present on each of these channels.
  • Bi-monthly newsletters were shared with Spacio’s network regularly through email marketing.

The Result:

  • Transformed brand website into an important marketing & lead generating asset, with the right mix of information and marketing content to educate prospective customers (knowledge hub).
  • Drastically improved search engine rankings and increase in organic traffic on website.
  • Created strong social presence for the brand with active engagement in online communities.
  • Email marketing setup for sending regular newsletters and promoting channel partner’s properties.

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By Supriya Sachdeva, Digital Communication Strategist at OH! Design Studio, Mumbai.

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