Solar Rebranding: Logo Redesign Case Study

Logo redesign case study: OH! Design Studio designs a new brand identity for a young Australian solar company that aims to empower the community to control the power generation.

Logo Rebranding: Introduction

Lighting & Energy Conservation Australia (LECA), a 100% Australian company, is passionate to support the transformation of the communities towards the reliance on cleaner, renewable energy solutions. The company offers end-to-end solar solutions, providing complete project management. Their primary focus is on the following three domain characteristics:

1. Consumer Orientation
2. Technology Focus
3. Green Energy

At OH! Design Studio, our job was to redesign the brand identity of the company that would effectively convey the company’s focus on the cumulative impact of customer experience.

Logo Redesign Concept

LECA’s new logo perfectly embodies its DNA and its focus on the three domain characteristics i.e Consumer Orientation, Tech Focus and the Green Energy.

The logo, a tangible representation of the company’s end-to end project management, is illustrated in a continuous path formed by the brand name L.E.C.A., ending with a forward moving arrow. The arrow reflects the philosophy of LECA to continue and build the relationship with their customers instead of ending the sale with a mere ‘Thank you’ or ‘Let’s keep in touch’. The forward pointing arrow also highlights their continuous focus on delivering innovative, sustainable and futuristic energy conservation technologies to their customers that translates well to solid financial returns.

The color scheme represent the brand’s focus on Green Energy and luminous yellow fits well with their new tagline ‘Powered By Sunshine’. The energy of the color transitions helped to elevate the design and brings attention to the forward pointing arrow.

Leveraging the forward looking approach of the company, we extended the identity to the motion design elements to create a consistent visual experience for the brand.

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