Restaurant Branding And Graphic Design For Urban Roti In Singapore

OH! Design Studio delivered a holistic restaurant brand experience that celebrates authentic North Indian food with an urban twist.

Urban Roti is an Indian Grill and Bar in the heart of Singapore, creating an informal yet sophisticated style of dinning and with a contemporary twist. When the owners decided to open this restaurant, they turned to OH! Design Studio, a full-service branding and design agency as we had worked for the client’s Kailash Parbat restaurant branding in India, among other projects.

Restaurant Branding Case Study

Urban Roti provides a classic combination of dishes from India, with emphasis on North Indian cuisines, created with diversity and innovation. Our graphic designers worked closely with the client to develop branding that complement the concept.  The graphics needed to be warm, contemporary, but also suitably sophisticated, to convey the quality of cooking and the style of dining.

restaurant branding logo design Singapore

restaurant brand identity design by OH Design Studio

graphic design for restaurant menu

Combining urban experience with Indian staple, URBAN ROTI, tells a story in two words. The name evokes good times, wholesome authentic Indian food with a modern twist.

Singapore restaurant logo design and wall graphics

Core to Urban Roti’s concept is their contemporary settings with menus that are tailored to incorporate unique yet authentic Indian culinary technique and that needed to reflect in the branding.

restaurant menu cover design

Singapore restaurant menu design by OH! Design Studio

restaurant logo and menu design

menu design graphics

We designed everything from menu to restaurant interiors with Indian imagery and elements, incorporating warm orange tones balanced with brown color. The restaurant brand’s Indian essence is highlighted with rolling pins adorning the wall, colorful glass water bottles and framed postcard, among other things. All of these elements hark back to the food, which is an authentic interpretation of Indian cuisine.

restaurant brand experience

exterior design of urban roti restaurant in Singapore

restaurant uniform and coaster graphics

logo designed by oh design studio

Suffice it to say, the concept of this restaurant branding is a celebration of North Indian culture.

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Images courtesy of Urban Roti.

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