OH! Environmental Graphic Design And Space Branding
Connecting people to places

At OH! Design Studio, we believe that environmental graphic design has the power to transform a place and make it more meaningful for the people who visit it. As one of the leading brand design companies in Mumbai, we are well known for our strong creative aesthetic designs. Environmental graphics is a natural extension for us and is one of our key service pillars.

From strategic branding and identity, to signage and wayfinding, we specialize in creative application for environmental graphics for achieving various design objectives.

Your environment is an opportunity to bring the brand to life and extend the experience your organization's distinguishing characteristics. We study how to increase the brand interaction of people with the workplace in obvious and sublimal ways and to create a sense of place through the visual impact.

We specialize in designing branded environments which tell a story to support a common vision and mission, builds a sense of belonging for employees and aligns new and existing employees with the internal brand message.

Environmental graphics case study mumbai

Case Study: Office branding in India

Wayfinding impacts how people orient themselves in physical space and their navigational paths. But any visual wayfinidng system is more than just a signage. We have experience of combining urban design with wayfinding and graphic communication to create places that are seamless and intuitive.

Creative wall murals can transform any space, be it home, corporate offices, start-up dens or modern business of any kind. With our strong design background and aesthetics, our custom wall graphic designs have the power to elate any space from drab or sterile to lively and inspiring. We also design informational wall graphics for offices and other commercial spaces.

Attracting visitors, creating landmarks, making your location unique or establishing your brand- whatever your environmental graphic design objective is, OH! Design Studio can help. Contact us to share your requirement.