Coffee Table Books: Sparking Conversations Through Creativity And Exclusivity

While regular books eventually make their way to bookshelves, coffee table books have earned the exclusivity to be placed on tabletop.

Coffee table books are like high-end art books, usually over-sized, and designed to offer visual treat to its readers. They are mostly full of mesmerizing photographs or beautiful illustrations accompanied by captions and small blocks of text.

What purpose do coffee table books solve?

Pique your prospect’s curiosity

It’s a simple premise: Showcase your brand by weaving the product with the story of people or environment.

Taj Hotels published a coffee table book on Goa- ‘Sossegado’ for their guests in other properties. The book gave readers carefully selected recommendations about the place to highlight the peaceful aspect of the city.  It highlighted the culinary experience offered at their hotel in Goa.

coffee table book design for taj hotels in india

At OH! Design Studio, our coffee table book designers crafted ‘Sossegado’ using calm and aesthetic photography to showcase the serene and mesmerizingly beautiful atmosphere. Once glance at the book will make you want to drop everything and escape to Goa to explore its unseen places.

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Delve into the past

Sakhi Fashions in Mumbai unveiled the brand’s past collection by releasing a coffee table book ‘Modern Princess’ as a celebration of modern Indian woman.

Our brochure designers in Mumbai crafted Modern Princess to showcase the fusion of the modern and traditional that summed up the brand’s outlook. Simple and tasteful layouts without too many overpowering embellishments maintained a smooth clear flow of thought throughout the book.

Another coffee table book which we designed was for one of the leading architects of India- ZZ Architect. This 450 page book showcases their projects in different categories like bungalows, hospitals, etc. It starts with an introduction to the 3 elements of nature – stone, water and greenery as these are the natural elements used in architecture.

coffee table book design for architect

Make corporate presents look good

Coffee tables are a thoughtful gift that can last a lifetime in the recipient’s space.

Exim Bank sponsored a coffee table book ‘Chrysalis- Emerging India’ which chronicled the history of trade and commerce in India. They presented it to their employees as a corporate gift.

We designed Chrysalis as a time machine. It takes you back to the ancient days of Mohenjo Daro; to the Silk Route and its winding paths through the mountains. All the elements stayed true to the era they were in.

Accentuate your interior design

Coffee table books add ambiance and remain a beloved means for giving any interior a chic finishing touch. As I said earlier, these books do not inhabit crowded bookshelves, but sit proudly and visibly on tabletop by the sofa, on the desk or near the bedside.

Coffee table books are typically used as both an accent piece and entertainment for guests patiently waiting for their host to emerge from some other room.

Express yourself

Many people buy coffee table books for their own perusal. It represents their personal style, taste or interest more than anything else. It could be in on any subject they feel inclined to like culture, art, animals or anything under the sun.

We worked closely with the author of ‘FolkYatra’ to give it the form of a coffee table book. This book puts together ethnic art, customs and pastimes that today form an integral part of the heritage of India. It was designed for people interested in Indian Legacy.

Whoever thinks that print media is dead is absolutely wrong. No digital channel can compete with the level of engagement which coffee table books can create because of their sheer size and visual appeal. Everyone loves coffee table books. It’s up to the brands how they leverage this medium to convey their message, just like how they use brochures in marketing.

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