Corporate Brochure Design That Pulls Investors Through A Journey

A unique corporate brochure design by OH! Design Studio for a financial services firm in Pune.

There are various ways to make use of brochures in marketing. But when it comes to corporate brochures, at OH! Design Studio we believe they give a voice to the company. That voice communicates brand values, highlights the brand strengths and creates the desired brand image which is made up of facts, vision and feelings.

When used strategically, corporate brochure can serve as an excellent tool for corporate storytelling. As a strategic branding and integrated graphic design agency, that’s what we do. We excel at the art of corporate storytelling.

And that’s what we did when Purnartha, an Indian equity research and investment advisory firm, approached OH! Design Studio for their corporate brochure.

Corporate Brochure Design Concept  

There may be many design studios that create glossy company brochures.

However, our expertise lies in crafting bespoke exquisite brochures pivoting on carefully analyzed brand design concepts.

This is the most challenging yet creative part of every brochure which we design. In order to crack the right central design concept, we analyze the brand, spend time with the client’s team and understand the brand vision through the leadership team.

Our creative team from Mumbai comprising of copywriter and brochure designers took field trips to visit Purnartha headquarters in Pune. What we gathered about the brand was that by using intensive research to provide long term gains, they create journeys that accomplish growth for investors.

Our copywriter found these exact right words to set the tone for the company’s story and describe the journey of growth.

Logo of purnartha was an integral part of the design concept


By bringing together ethics and profits, we grow.

By building wealth without directly handling client funds, we enrich.

By matching opportunities with confidence, we lead the game.

By managing clients as family, we connect.

By merging childhood dreams with retirement plans, we elate.

By using intensive research to provide long term gains, we create journeys that accomplish growth.

Corporate brochure first page design for journey concept
First page of the corporate brochure after the front cover

Purnartha creates journeys that connect their legacy to investors’ growth.

The essence of that journey was beautifully expressed by our designers through a design concept that blends together the themes of values rooted in tradition, strength, grace and reliability that define Purnartha. Each aspect of this investment journey was depicted through an Indian classical dance hand-mudra that depicts the essence of that benefit in a clear and simplistic manner.

Here’s a glimpse of how we depicted this investment journey through the corporate brochure design.

corporate brochure design

corporate brochure design- WELCOME to start the investment journey shown by using Pushpaputa mudra

Corporate Brochure design concept: JOURNEY - Pataaka mudra to depict defined investment path

corporate brochure design for pune company


 financial company corporate brochure mumbai- Vaidyapakhe mudra to show research

Hamsasya mudra to show investment value increase in corporate brochure by oh design studio

be a part of Journey design concept depicted by karkata mudra

samputa mudra to show protected bond in brochure designed by oh design studio

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Images courtesy of Purnartha.

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