#OhMade Real Estate Brochure Design For Inspiration And Ideas

A collection of real estate brochure design by OH! Design Studio

Majority of property buyers in India now rely on online search for real estate related decisions. Thanks to online real estate search portals, finding a property has become much easier. But use of brochures in marketing for new and upcoming real estate properties is still indispensable. Yet-to-be-built properties usually exist in the mind of the builder — or on a blueprint or floor plan.

At OH! Design Studio, we craft real estate brochure design to make property buyers imagine what it would be like to move into the given property. We use creative approaches, such as premium binding and paper, die cuts or highly conceptual ideas.

Our expertise lies in crafting bespoke exquisite brochures pivoting on carefully analyzed design concepts.

Here are some of the real estate brochure designs by OH! Design Studio. We have also shared the central conceptual ideas which defined the flow and creative presentation of information within each of these real estate brochures.

#OhMade Real Estate Brochure Design

Following are brochure designs for real estate crafted by OH! Design Studio- brochure designers in Mumbai, India.

1. Real estate brochure design for Majestic

Luxurious single tower residential property in upmarket suburbs of Mumbai

Design Concept: Life 360 degree

luxury real estate brochure design

The real estate brochure design concept of Life 360 Degrees represents the proximity of key areas and facilities to this property.

real estate brochure ideas

real estate brochure design

2. Real estate brochure design for 9 Almeida

A luxurious residential property in Bandra, an upscale western suburb of Mumbai, India

Design Concept: 9 reasons to move to Bandra

real estate brochure design inspiration india

real estate marketing brochure design

brochure design ideas inspiration

3. Real estate brochure design for Divya Enclave

Luxurious second homes in the outskirts of Mumbai 

Design Concept: Luxury wrapped in nature

real estate brochure design ideas

real estate brochure mumbai

brochure design ideas for real estate marketing mumbai

4. Real estate brochure design for Taj Villas

Luxury villa in Raipur, India

Design Concept: Vibrancy of nature

brochure design ideas for real estate

brochure design cover image ideas

ideas for real estate brochures

5. Coffee table book styled brochure design for ZZ Architects

A high-end company brochure in the form of a coffee table book for India’s leading architectural and interior design firm.

Design Concept: Natural Elements

As with any other brochure design project, here also OH! Design Studio worked from the concept and design to print the coffee table book.

coffee table book design for architect

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